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A demo visualization by Tabnetviz

The following visualization has been produced from the “galFiltered” data set from Ideker et al., Science 292:929 (2001); the data files are also included as sample data with Cytoscape.

The node table and the edge table are available as CSV files. The Tabnetviz configuration file is available here.

Nodes correspond to yeast genes and edges represent various interactions. The node size is associated with node degree and font size is also adjusted to vary with node size. We used the wedged node style to divide the circles into 3 parts; each part is colored using a colormap by the gene expression level in 3 conditions corresponding to 3 columns in the node table. Edges are colored by interaction type, and can be directed or undirected.

The resulting visualization is an SVG file and is included below:


As we requested the color bars representing the color scales to be output into an SVG file as well, a colorbars file has also been written. It is also included here:

color bars